In Episode 185, AJ shares how he and Jasmin are making their first “credit card” short film – and getting their money back, while Trev geeks out on actually having a role to beef up for. There’s a little more about the Equity/99-seat thing (but not much), too, as well as some thoughts on why or when a filmmaker should move to Los Angeles (or not) before Trev sits down for the second and final part of his chat with Casting Director / Associate Jeremy Gordon (Psych, Law & … [Read more...]



In Episode 184, AJ shares his most recent audition meeting experience – and why it’s so important to make the most of “who you be” as a unique individual. Then Trev sits down with casting director Jeremy Gordon (Psych, Law & Order, The Wolverine) for the first of a 2-part chat on his journey, what it might truly take to call oneself an actor, a great example of what NOT to say in auditions, and more. Total running time: 32:04. Mentioned in Episode 184: Tyrant Picks of the … [Read more...]



In Episode 183, AJ talks about auditioning for a St. Louis theatre, Trev shares a chat he had with IAP marketing and web director Gedaly Guberek about the soon-to-launch Membership group, and the vaults open wide to bring us AJ’s long-ago – but still 100% relevant – chat with actor tax specialist Chuck Sloan of Chuck Sloan & Associates. Learn what expenses to track, what you can and can’t write off, how to handle an audit, and more. Total running time: 59:02. Mentioned in Episode … [Read more...]



In Episode 182, Trev sounds off about climate deniers (for just a minute – sorry about that), AJ shares exactly how money will no longer stop him (and it kind of ties in nicely with the climate thing), and the two of them chat about AEA’s (Actor’s Equity Association) proposal to abolish the 99-seat theatre plan in Los Angeles.Then AJ sits down for Part 1 of our long ago chat with performer tax specialist Chuck Sloan. From demystifying the L.A. business license, to what exactly constitutes … [Read more...]



In Episode 181, AJ shares why he turned down an audition for a major network primetime TV show, and Trev sits down for the third and final part of his chat with actor/filmmaker Leo Oliva  to talk fake e-mail accounts, smack talking lawyers, hiring and working with Danny Glover, getting worldwide distribution for his feature film The Shift, and more. Total running time: 38:48. Leo's Links for Episode 181:IMDB – LeoIMDB – The ShiftThe Shift (Trailer)@olivaproFacebookEpisode … [Read more...]

Episode 180: Leo Oliva (Part 2)


In Episode 180, AJ recaps his Digital Actor Workshop at USC, Trev and AJ offer their thoughts on how and why to "train people how to treat you," and Trev sits down for Part 2 of his chat with actor/filmmaker Leo Oliva about how he leveraged nursing to get him from Miami to L.A., how and why he wrote his feature film, The Shift  and why *obstacles* aren't really obstacles – they're just the next step on the path to leveling up. Total running time: 53:44. Leo's Links for Episode … [Read more...]

Episode 179: Leo Oliva (Part 2)


In Episode 179, Trev shares some new original podcast music, as well as no less than three super-soon opportunities for you to get out there and build relationships (see the show notes below for details). Then he sits down for Part 1 with actor/filmmaker Leo Oliva for the first of a 3-part chat on what got him into the game, and how he wrote and made his feature film The Shift, co-starring Danny Glover. Total running time: 30:06. Leo's Links for Episode 179: IMDB – Leo IMDB – The … [Read more...]

Episode 178: D.C. Hamilton & Brinna Kelly


In Episode 178, Trev and AJ share their thoughts on the pros and cons of stock photo / stock footage jobs, and Trev sits down for the third and final part of his interview with D.C. Hamilton & Brinna Kelly – the filmmaking team behind upcoming feature The Midnight Man – to talk feature film funding, rich great aunts, overseas millionaires, line producers, and look books. It's good stuff. Total running time: 58:30. D.C. and Brinna's Links for Episode 178: IMDB (D.C.) IMDB … [Read more...]

Episode 177: D.C. Hamilton & Brinna Kelly (Part 2)


In Episode 177, Trev and AJ talk about the power of routine and ritual, discuss the shifts happening in the industry in light of the Sony hack (and Amazon’s Golden Globe wins), and kick around some thoughts in response to a great listener email regarding marketing yourself during the festival circuit. Then Trev sits down for Part 2 of his interview with filmmakers D.C. Hamilton & Brinna Kelly to discuss the journey from actor to producer (and back again), and what it takes to get a … [Read more...]

Episode 176: D.C. Hamilton & Brinna Kelly (Part 1)


In Episode 176, Trev and AJ sit down for their first chat of 2015 – in which AJ talks about his "proof-of-concept" test run for living a bi-coastal life, Trev shares an exciting win (air date TBD), and the two of them (actually three – you'll see) offer their thoughts balancing relationships and career. Then Trev sits down for the the first of a three-part chat with filmmaking team David Hamilton and Brinna Kelly to get granular about writing, financing, shooting, and distributing an … [Read more...]